Neptunea’ is a shell magazine printed in A4-size, intended to both beginning and more experienced shell collectors with practical information such as travel stories, the description of new species or the revision of a genus. The papers are illustrated with perfect colour photographs. The first issue was published in 2002. From 2002 to 2005 papers were originally mainly issued in Dutch but after receiving so many positive responses from foreign countries (i.e. Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the USA), we decided to use only English as current language. This allowed us to increase the scientific character of the papers and to publish descriptions of new species.


New authors are warmly encouraged to provide us with interesting papers. We guarantee a fast publication (three to four months after delivery of the text). We are also prepared to make digital macro-photographs of the shells and to improve them if necessary. For more details we refer to the Instructions to authors’.

At present we are concentrating on East Atlantic marine species and new species are regularly described, such as

Alaerato arbastoiAlaerato atomariaAlaerato elizabethaeAlaerato fedosovi, Alaerato fusconubecula, Alaerato maestratiAlaerato rafamatanantsoaiAlaerato virginiae, Anacithara biscoitoiBolma madagascarensisCerithiopsis apexcostataCerithiopsis beneitoiCerithiopsis familiarum, Cerithiopsis dilataCerithiopsis infrequensCerithiopsis iuxtafuniculataCerithiopsis parvadaClavatula christianaeClavatula congoensisClavatula delphinaeClavatula hattenbergeriClavatula knudseniClavatula matthiasiClavatula nathaliaeClavatula pseudomysticaClavatula quinteni, Clavatula xanteni, Conus trencartiCrassispira pseudocarbonariaCymbium coenyeiCypraeerato margarita, Cypraeerato nitidaCypraeerato splendidaDiodora canariensisDistorsio globosaDrillia annielonaeDrillia ghyootiDrillia katiae, Duplicaria franknolfi, Eratoena moolenbeekiEratoena rosadoiEuropicardium nolfiGlycymeris rafaelmesai, Hastula konihoides, Hesperato rubra,  Nucula mariae, Phenacovolva patriciae, Pugilina dirki, Sulcerato rapa, Trivellona inopinata, Trivirostra leylae and Trivirostra matavai.

A few points of notice:

* The project is not subsidised and cooperation is an honorary task.

* Each volume contains four issues published on an irregular basis, each issue containing at least 30 pages.

* Vol. 1(1) to Vol. 11(4) are issued in loose leaf format with a plastic binder.

* Issues later than Vol. 12(1) are stapled bound.

How to obtain copies of ’Neptunea’?

* Subscription of a complete volume is not imperative.

* Separate copies are avaible at € 12 each + postage

* Contact the secretary for subscription, delivery and payment:

 Frank Nolf

Prinses Stefanieplein 43 B8, 8400 Oostende, Belgium

e-mail: frank.nolf@pandora.be

Download digital versions of vol. 1 to vol. 14 by clicking on the covers

Volume 15:


Schermafbeelding 2021-03-27 om 18.43.31The presence of Euspira lemaitrei (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Naticidae) along the West African coasts and the status of Euspira massieri Petuch & Berschauer, 2018 as a junior synonym, pp 1-4, text figs 1-2, map 1, pls I-VII, by Frank Nolf.

About the enigmatic Venus simulans G.B. Sowerby I, 1844: a comparative study of the morphological variations in Venus verrucosa Linnaeus, 1758 (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Veneridae) in the Mediterranean and East Atlantic waters, by Frank Nolf.

Duplicaria franknolfi sp. nov., a new species of Duplicaria (Gastropoda: Terebridae) from SE India, pp 25-27, pl. 1, by Yves Terryn.

Hastula matheroniana (Gastropoda: Conoidea: Terebridae) revisited, with the description of a new species and the rediscovery of a neglected taxon, pp 29-36, pls 1-3, by Yves Terryn.

Neptunea 15(2)-cover

Contribution to the knowledge of the Triviidae. XXXVIII. A new species in the genus Trivellona Iredale, 1931 from Walters Shoal, pp 1-6, figs 1-2, table 1, pls 1-2, by Dirk Fehse.

Contribution to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. XVII. A new Sulcerato Finlay, 1930 from the Australes, pp 7-10, fig. 1, pl. 1, by Dirk Fehse.

A comparative study of the Jaton species in East Atlantic waters, pp 11-36, figs 1-15, table 1, map 1, pls I-XVIII, by Frank Nolf & Steve Hubrecht.

Cover 15(1)Colubraria pulchrafuscata Dekkers, 2007: a junior synonym of Colubraria springsteeni Parth, 1991, pp 1-3, pls 1-3, table 1, by David Monsecour & Kevin Monsecour.

Modiolus gallicus (Dautzenberg, 1895) a cryptic mussel from the NE Atlantic appears merely to be a juvenile form of Modiolus modiolus (Linnaeus, 1758), pp 7-11, pls 1-20, figs 1-5, table 1, by Frank Nolf, Johan Verstraeten & Steve Hubrecht.

Volume 14:

Schermafbeelding 2018-05-08 om 16.34.10Terebrid (Gastropoda: Conoidea) attachments of Xenophora pallidula  (Reeve, 1842), pp 1-5, pls 1-3, by Yves Terryn.

Contributions to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. XIV. New Eratoids from Papua New Guinea including Kavieng, New Ireland, pp 7-18, pls 1-4, by Dirk Fehse.

Contributions to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. XV. New species from Vanuatu, pp 19-26, pls 1-2, 1 text figure, Dirk Fehse.

Contributions to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. XVI. New species from New Caledonia and Lifou, pp 27-35, pls 1-4, by Dirk Fehse.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-17 om 12.37.21

The distribution of species belonging to the genus Cymbium (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Volutidae) in Angolan waters and the description of a new species, pp 1-36, pls I-XXVIII, by Frank Nolf.

NP14-2-cover-bis.pngShelling on Saint Martin, the ‘Friendly Island’. Part II: Shoreline shells – Polyplacophora, pp 1-4, pls I-VIII, text figures, by Frank Nolf

Trigonostoma damasoi Cossignani, 2015 a junior synonym of Trigonostoma gofasi Verhecken, 2007 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cancellariidae), pp 15-19, pls 17-19, text figures, by Frank Nolf.

Contribution to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. XII. A new Alaerato C.N. Cate, 1977 from South Madagascar, pp 20-23, pl. 1, by Dirk Fehse.

Contribution to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. XIII. New species from the Philippines, pp 24-35, pls 1-5, text figures, by Dirk Fehse.

NP14-1-coverShelling on Sint-Maarten/Saint Martin, the ‘Friendly Island’, Part I: Introduction and land mollusca, pp. 1-29, pls I-VII, text figures, by Delphine Clement, Patricia Nolf & Frank Nolf.
Contributions to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. XI. New species in the genus Hespererato F.A. Schilder, 1925, pp. 30-36, figs 1-6, by Dirk Fehse.

Volume 13:

NP13-4-cover-bis_1Natica bouvieri Jousseaume, 1883 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Naticidae) a forgotten species compared with Natica canariensis Odhner,1931, pp. 1-16, pls I-X, by Frank Nolf.
The genus Tomellana (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Clavatulidae) in West Africa: a comprehensive survey and establishment of Fusiturris kribiensis Bozzetti, 2015 as a junior synonym, pp. 17-37, pls I-XIII, by Frank Nolf.

NP13-3-cover_1About the surprising presence of Donax longissimus Thiele & Jaeckel, 1931 (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Donacidae) in Western Sahara: a comparison with similar E Atlantic and South African species, pp. 1-26, pls I-XVI, by Frank Nolf.
Contributions to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. X. New species in the genus Proterato F.A. Schilder, 1925, pp. 27-31, pls I-II, by Dirk Fehse.
A dark-marginated form of Zonaria pyrum (Gmelin, 1791) (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Cypraeidae) from Lebanon: further evidence of a wrongly assumed subspecies, pp. 32-36, pls I-III, by Frank Nolf.

NP13-2-coverAdditional information on the identity of Clavatula quinteni Nolf & Verstraeten, 2006 and Clavatula xanteni Nolf & Verstraeten, 2006 with a link towards more twin species, 4 text figures, 1 map, pls. I-XIX, pp. 1-33, by F. Nolf.

NP13-1-coverImportant editorial note, pp. 1-2, fig. 1, by F. Nolf.
In memory of Jean-Paul Kreps, pp. 3-4, fig. 1, by F. Nolf.
Distorsio globosa (Mollusca; Gastropoda: Personidae) a new species from West Africa, pp. 5-30, pls 1-20, figs 1-2, by F. Nolf.
A northern range extension for Anacithara maltzani (Knudsen, 1952) (Mollusca: Conoidea: Horaiclavidae), pp. 31-36, pls 1-4, by F. Nolf & F. Swinnen.

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