Neptunea 14(1)

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Shelling on Sint-Maarten/Saint Martin, the ‘Friendly Island’, Part I: Introduction and land mollusca, pp. 1-29, pls I-VII, text figures, by Delphine Clement, Patricia Nolf & Frank Nolf.

Contributions to the knowledge of the Eratoidae. XI. New species in the genus Hespererato F.A. Schilder, 1925, pp. 30-36, figs 1-6, by Dirk Fehse.

The holotype of Erato callosa A. Adams & Reeve, 1850 is rediscovered. Erato callosa is a junior synonym of Hespererato scabriuscula (J.E. Gray in G.B. Sowerby I, 1832). Former incorrectly identified specimens from the central Indo-Pacific are described as Hespererato rubra. The new species is briefly discussed and compared with similar species.

Keywords: Mollusca, Gastropoda, Eratoidae, recent, new species, Philippines.