Department ‘Coast’ of the ‘Royal Belgian Society for Conchologists’

Aims pursued by the ‘Neptunea’ group:

  • Initiation of members into collecting skills.PICT0012.jpg
  • Organization of field trips and discussion of the results.
  • Book reviews and consultation of ancient or recent works.
  • Presentation of latest issues of the most important shell periodicals.
  • Exchanging of collecting hints.
  • Organisation of exhibitions for shells and books.DSC00553
  • Study of certain families, genera or species of molluscs or shells from a certain shelling province.
  • Attention to the mollusca within the protection of nature, especially to the study of worldwide biodiversity.
  • Lectures, illustrated by PowerPoints, digital photographs or videos.DSC05272.JPG
  • Support of the periodical Neptunea by critical discussing or writing papers.
  • Becoming acquainted with photographing shells.