Lecture on shells for beginners by Xanten Vandenberge.

The West African Jaton species (MURICIIDAE) by F. Nolf.

Slideshow about land snails from St Martin in Dutch/English by F. Nolf.

 Lecture on a trip to St Martin (November 2015) by F. Nolf and D. Clement.

The search for chitons on the island of St Martin (Nolf – November 2015).

A lecture about the genus Tomellana (Mollusca: Gastropoda: CLAVATULIDAE) in West Africa by F. Nolf.

Donax longissimus Jaeckel & Thiele, 1931 in Western Sahara by F. Nolf.

The Conus pulcher complex: lecture by F. Nolf.

A new species in the PERSONIDAE from West Africa: Distorsio globosa Nolf, 2014.

Calliostoma agrigentum Coen, 1936 by F. Nolf.

The endemic West African GLYCYMERIDIDAE species – summary and presentation of two new species by F. Nolf. (English version)

De endemische West-Afrikaanse GLYCYMERIDIDAE soorten – overzicht en vermelding van twee nieuwe soorten (F. Nolf). (Dutch version)

The GLYCYMERIDIDAE of the NE Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea by F. Nolf.

De NO. Atlantische en Mediterrane GLYCYMERIDIDAE – soorten (F. Nolf).

Slideshow treating on the difference between Natica bouvieri Jousseaume, 1883 and Natica canariensis Odhner, 1931 by F. Nolf.

 The mysterious differences between Simnia patula (Pennant, 1777) and Simnia hiscocki Lorenz & Melaun, 2011 by F. Nolf.

The discussion about the identity of Clavatula quinteni Nolf & Verstraeten, 2006 versus Clavatula xanteni Nolf & Verstraeten, 2006 by F. Nolf.

Historiek van 34 jaar activiteiten door BVC Kust (24/11/2011) (Nederlandse versie/Dutch version) by F. Nolf.

The genus Colubraria in the West Atlantic Ocean: lecture by David Monsecour (26/08/2012).

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