Neptunea 4(1 & 2)

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A comprehensive bibliography on the recent marine Mollusca of Belgium (1777 – 2004), pp.i-vi + 1-50 by Jan Haspeslagh & Steven Cerpentier.

A reference list is offered by the librarians of the VLIZ (Flanders Marine Institute), containing all published data on Mollusca, recorded from the Belgian marine area. This bibliography consists of theses, reports, papers by conchologists and shell collectors and distribution records published by dedicated field naturalists. Also included is any other publication containing – in part – substantial information on the occurrence of molluscan species in the Belgian marine area, e.g. references on oyster culture, shellfish toxins, beach excursions, meeting reports, etc. Finally references discussing problems of classification, identification and naming of molluscan species related to the Belgian coast are also present. As a consequence of the bibliography outline, the more general guides and monographs dealing with Mollusca in European seas are not found here.
In fact, within the treated geographical area (Belgian coast and Belgian Continental Shelf), the reference list contains:
– The publications dealing with the occurence through time of recent marine Mollusca, including the brackish-water area connected to the marine environment, notably the Spuikom Oostende, the Zwin estuary, the Ijzer estuary, the Belgian parts of the Westerscheld estuary;
– The publications dealing with broader topics but including substantial data on the first topic, e.g. sampling reports of biota on the Belgian Continental Shelf, with a list of identified molluscan species, sediment studies, fishery stock assessments;
– The publications dealing with other aspects of mollusc-related research, largely based on records of molluscan species in the Belgian Marine area, e.g. invasive species studies, philology of vernacular shell names;
– The publications listing the above or commenting on it (bibliographies, book reviews, etc.).
Unlike in comparable editions the opportunity to illustrate the text with some book covers and especially with a lot of shell photography has been taken.

Key words: comprehensive bibliography, recent marine Mollusca, Belgium, Belgian coast, Belgian Continental Shelf, VLIZ.