Neptunea 8(1)

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Crassispira pseudocarbonaria: a new turrid from the Gulf of Guinea, pp. 1-18, plates I-XV by F. Nolf.

Abstract: A new turrid species from the Gulf of Guinea is described. The shell has already been known for more than twenty years, but confused with Crassispira carbonaria (Reeve, 1844) by several authors.
Keywords: GASTROPODA, TURRIDAE, Crassispira, Gulf of Guinea, West Africa, new species.

About the true identity of ‘Pleurotoma’ saulcydianum Recluz, 1851 and Drillia idalinae Bernard & Nicolay, 1984 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Drilliidae), pp. 19-22, plates I-II by F. Nolf.

Abstract: In a former paper a specimen of Mazatlania cosentini from Sierra Leone was erroneously identified as Drillia saulcydianum. Finally, the holotype of Pleurotoma saulcydianum Recluz, 1851 was recovered but no other similar specimens among thousands of specimens in the genera Clavus, Pleurotoma, Drillia, and Clavatula could be detected in the collections of the MNHN. In this paper P. saulcydianum is compared with specimens of Drillia idalinae Bernard & Nicolay, 1984 from Senegal and different localities in the Gulf of Guinea. There are indications for attributing ‘P. saulcydianum’ to the genus Crassispira.

Keywords: MOLLUSCA, Crassispira, Drillia, Mazatlania, Pleurotoma saulcydianum, Drillia idalinae, West Africa.

About the presence of Mazatlania cosentini (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Columbellidae) in Sierra Leone, with a note on the synonymy of M. fulgurata, pp. 23-30, plates I-V by F. Nolf & K. Monsecour.

Abstract: After recovering the holotype of Pleurotoma saulcydianum Recluz, 1851 in the MNHN, it was clear that the shell from Sierra Leone, figured in Neptunea, 7(2): 1-5, does not belong to that species, but was in fact a specimen of Mazatlania cosentini (Philippi, 1836). The misidentification resulted from the fact that no recent specimens of P. saulcydianum have been found in the past hundred years, neither figured nor described in recent literature. Moreover, the original figure turned out not to match completely the type. After a second specimen turned up from the same area (Sierra Leone), the presence of the genus Mazatlania in West Africa seems likely. Comments are given on the synonymy of both M. cosentini and M. fulgurata.

Keywords: MOLLUSCA, COLUMBELLIDAE, Mazatlania, Sierra Leone, West Africa.