Neptunea 7(2)

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First report and illustration of the mysterious Drillia saulcydianum (Recluz, 1851) (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Drilliidae) in recent literature, pp. 1-3, plates I-II by Frank Nolf.

After more than a century, to my knowledge, a second specimen of Drillia saulcydianum (Recluz, 1851) was found in a shell collection. This species was neglected or erroneously identified in collections as well as in literature. After the record of this unique shell in Senegal, the second specimen originated from Sierra Leone. Both are described and figured in this paper.

Key words: GASTROPODA, DRILLIIDAE, Drillia saulcydianum, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Two new turrid species from West Africa: Clavatula delphinae and Clavatula pseudomystica (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Clavatulidae), pp. 14-21, plates I-III by Frank Nolf.

During the study of a sample of crabbed turrid shells from Pointe-Noire (Congo-Brazzaville) some specimens, collected by the French shell collector Paul-Henri Hattenberger could not be identified. After comparing them with similar shells from nearby West African countries it appeared to concern two new species, described and figured here as Clavatula delphinae and Clavatula pseudomystica.

Key words: GASTROPODA, CLAVATULIDAE, Clavatula delphinae, Clavatula pseudomystica, West Africa, new species.

About the true identity of Drillia ballista von Maltzan, 1883 and Drillia tripter von Maltzan, 1883 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Drilliidae) as well as their differences compared to D. annielonae, pp. Nolf & Verstraeten, 2007.

As a result of a careful investigation of the turrid material dredged by the “Atlantide” Expedition (ZMC) and the shells in the Dautzenberg collection (RBINS), the real status of Drillia ballista von Maltzan, 1883 and D. tripter von Maltzan, 1883 is established. Both are compared to the recently described species Drillia annielonae Nolf & Verstraeten, 2007.

Keywords: GASTROPODA, DRILLIIDAE, Drillia ballista, Drillia tripter, Drillia annielonae, West Africa.

Further notes on the distribution of Colubraria canariensis Nordsieck & Talavera, 1979, pp. 25-27, plates I-IV by David Monsecour & Peter Ryall.

The distribution of Colubraria canariensis Nordsieck & Talavera, 1979 along the West African coast as far as Angola, as well as the off-shore islands, is discussed. Notes on its occurrence in specific countries and references from literature are added.

Keywords: GASTROPODA, COLUBRARIIDAE, Colubraria canariensis, distribution, West Africa.