Neptunea 6(3)

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Study of a Canary Island species of the genus Diodora Gray, 1821 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Fissurelloidea: Fissurellidae) resulting in the description of a new species, pp. 1-12, plates I-VIII by Johan Verstraeten & Frank Nolf.

A particular and distinctive species of the genus Diodora, confined to the Canary Islands (Macaronesia), is discussed and compared with Diodora cayenensis (Lamarck, 1822), a species with a large distribution along the east American coasts.

Key words: GASTROPODA, FISSURELLIDAE, Diodora canariensis, new species, taxonomy, Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean.

Caribbean Triphoridae (Gastropoda: Triphoroidea): list and colour illustrations, pp. 13-24, plates I-V by Emilio Rolán & Raúl Fernández-Garcés.

A critical list of Triphoridae described from the Caribbean is presented, giving their synonymies. Colour figures of some of these species are shown.

Key words: TRIPHORIDAE, Caribbean, colour photographs.

Two new species of the genera Crassispira and Agladrillia (Gastropoda, Conoidea) from Angola, pp. 25-32, plates I-III by Emilio Rolán, Peter Ryall  & Juan Horro.

Two new species from Angola are described in the genera Crassispira and Agladrillia. The shells and protoconchs of both species are illustrated as well as the radula and operculum of one of them. They are compared with other species of a similar appearance from the study area.

Key words: CONOIDEA, Crassispiridae, DRILLIIDAE, Crassispira, Agladrillia, West Africa, new species.