Neptunea 5(4)

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In memoriam ‘Fernand Boone’, pp.1-4 by Frank Nolf.

Fernand Boone passed away after a protracted illness in June 2006. He – together with Frank Nolf – was one of the founders of the Section Coast of the Belgian Association for Conchology in the province of West Flanders (Belgium).  After a short career as an engineer in commercial shipping he worked for the company Bombardier in Bruges till his retirement. He was a man of wide reading with a broad interest for art and culture, and he had a passion for everything related to the sea. He built up a magnificent collection of marine shells and stamps with shells as the main subject. Collecting those was primarily a means to establish profound contact with other people. A good friend has left us, but his enthusiasm, his principles and his sense of humour will be remembered forever.

Key words: Fernand Boone, Belgian Society for Conchology Section Coast.

Further range extension for the West African Columbellid Gastropod Cotonopsis monfilsi Emerson, 1993, pp.5-7, plates I-III by Frank Nolf.

Several specimens of Cotonopsis monfilsi Emerson, 1993 were trawled off Cape Fria, Namibia, SW Africa between 1963 and 1973. This means a serious range extension, compared to the type locality Senegal, more than 4000 kilometres farther Northwest, and a confirmation of the locality ‘Angola’ mentioned by Rolán (2005).

Key words: COLUMBELLIDAE, Cotonopsis monfilsi, Namibia.

Upgrading of Drillia consociata Smith, var. recordata Sykes, 1905 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Conoidea: Drilliidae) to the rank of species, pp.11-16, plates I-XII by Frank Nolf & Johan Verstraeten.

We hereby upgrade the form Drillia consociata Smith, var. recordata Sykes, 1905 to the species level. Sykes himself as well as later authors such as Knudsen, Fernandes et al. were convinced ‘var. recordata’ could be more than a mere form. Moreover it even belongs to another genus and a different family. Drillia recordata Sykes, 1905 is from now on a true species clearly differing from the species Crassispira consociata (E.A. Smith, 1877). Evidence is given in the present paper. This species is compared with the similar Drillia angolensis Odhner, 1923 and the newly described D. katiae Nolf, 2006.

Key words: GASTROPODA, DRILLIIDAE, Drillia consociata var. recordata Sykes, 1905, subspecific rank, Drillia recordata Sykes, 1905, species rank, Gabon, Angola.

Drillia katiae (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Conoidea: Drilliidae) a new species from Gabon, pp.29-30, plate I, figs 1-6 by Frank Nolf.

In ‘Coquillages du Gabon’ P. Bernard (1984) figured an unknown Drillia sp. His comparison with Drillia cydia (Bartsch, 1943), a smaller Caribbean species, was a bad choice, as this shell is totally different. The shell is hereby described as a new species that has a close affinity with Drillia recordata Sykes, 1905 and to a lesser extentwith D. angolensis Odhner, 1923.

Key words: GASTROPODA, DRILLIIDAE, Drillia katiae, Drillia recordata, Gabon, new species.