Neptunea 6(1)

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Pugilina dirki (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Buccinoidea: Melongenidae): a new species from South India, pp.1-4, plates I-XV by Frank Nolf.

During a search for rare and freak shells in South India, a Belgian-French team found about ten specimens of a new melongenid very different from all known representatives of this family. It is remarkable such a large shell with a length of about 80-150 mm was not discovered before 2002-2003.

Key words: Mollusca, Melongenidae, Pugilina dirki, South India, new species.

Another population variant of Conus furvus Reeve, 1843 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Conoidea: Conidae) from the Cuyo Islands (Palawan, Philippines), pp.20-22, plates I-IX by Aïcha Ben-Saâd, Adriaan Janssens & Frank Nolf.

A new population variant of Conus furvus Reeve, 1843 from the Cuyo Islands is discussed and illustrated. The shells are rather different from the nominal species with regard to size, weight and colour pattern.

Key words: MOLLUSCA, CONIDAE, Conus furvus, Cuyo Islands, Palawan, Philippines, population variant.