Neptunea 4(4)

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The presence of the genera Talochlamys and Hinnites (BIVALVIA: PECTINOIDEA: PECTINIDAE) in West Africa, pp.115, plates I-XVII by Frank Nolf.

Four species of PECTINIDAE from the West African waters are discussed, three of them belong to the genus Talochlamys, namely T. abscondita (P. Fischer, in Locard, 1898), T. multistriata (Poli, 1795), T. pusio (Linnaeus, 1758) and one to the genus Hinnites, H. corallinus (Sowerby I, 1827).

Key words: PECTINIDAE, Talochlamys, Hinnites, T. abscondita, T. multistriata, T. pusio, H. corallinus, West Africa.