Neptunea 3(4)

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Strombus (Euprotomus) aurora (Kronenberg, 2002) (Gastropoda: Stromboidea: Strombidae) on the Philippines, pp. 1-6 + figs. by David Monsecour.

In his original description of Strombus aurora, Kronenberg mentions the Indian Ocean as distribution area: from Mauritius and La Réunion, northwards into the Red Sea, Sri Lanka, India, the Andaman Islands and northwestwards Sumatra (Indonesia). This species also seems to be present in the Philippines. So it is not a typical Indian Ocean species. Differences with the similar S. aurisdianae Linnaeus, 1758 are given in a table and in some colour photographs.

Key words: Strombidae, Strombus aurora, Strombus aurisdianae, the Philippines.

Some remarkable shells from Sierra Leone, pp.7-28 + figs. by Frank Nolf & Johan Verstraeten.

In a short iconography some shells which live in deeper waters off the coast of Sierra Leone are treated and illustrated. They are mostly provided by fishermen from Senegal and shell dealers who are acquainted with the crew of Russian trawlers. In some cases shells were obtained from shell collectors who had visited Sierra Leone before the period of local troubles (1992). Many species from this area have been neglected in both older and recent literature. Some of them seem to be new to science.

Key words: Sierra Leone, West Africa, deep-water shells.