Neptunea 3(2)

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NP3-2-coverResults of the ‘Expedition India 2002’ by Patrick Anseeuw, Michel De Buck and Jean-Etienne Ghyoot, part 3.1: an overview of important finds, pp.1-6 + figs. by Frank Nolf.

The travel story by three globetrotters in South India was published in two former editions of the magazine ‘Neptunea’, namely 1(2) and 1(3). In fact, the third part had to be the survey of all collected seashells. Unfortunately, it concerned more than 300 different species, subspecies and forms, too much to be listed in one edition. Moreover, it was not evident to identify the smaller species, for lack of accurate literature. The results of the expedition will be published periodically in later issues of ‘Neptunea’. Part 3.1 treats the Pleurotomariidae, the Haliotidae and the Fissurellidae.

Key words: India, Pleurotomariidae, Haliotidae, Fissurellidae.

Pillucina fischeriana (Issel, 1869) (Bivalvia: Lucinoidea: Lucinidae) in Normandy?, pp.7-9 + figs. by Frank Nolf.

Pillucina fischeriana is a species that lives in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. The presence of this bivalve on the coasts of Normandy (BarnevilleCarteret, France) could be explained by the draining of  water from ballast tanks in container ships. The find of a unique complete individual awaits  confirmation of more specimens to state that a new exotic species has appeared in European waters.

Key words: Pillucina fischeriana, Normandy, France.

Acar plicata (Dillwyn, 1817) (Bivalvia: Arcoidea: Arcidae) on the Belgian coast, pp.10-12 + figures by Frank Nolf.

In February 1993, a complete specimen of Acar plicata was found on the beach of Zeebrugge (Belgium) for the first time. This species has a wide geographic range. It is known from the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the West African coasts (Cape Verde Islands and Angola). The presence on a Belgian beach can possibly be explained by the draining of water from tanks in a container ship.

Key words: Acar plicata, Belgian coast.

Natica adansoni de Blainville, 1825 and Natica prietoi Hidalgo, 1873: two similar yet different species (Gastropoda: Naticoidea: Naticidae), pp.13-28 + figs. by Johan Verstraeten and Frank Nolf.

In a short study both characteristics and geographical distribution of two Naticids, namely Natica adansoni and Natica prietoi, are commented.

Key words: Natica adansoni, Natica prietoi, Açores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, West Africa, Mediterranean Sea.