Neptunea 2(2)

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Solecurtus afroccidentalis von Cosel, 1989: a less-known Solecurtus-species from western Africa, pp.1-12 + figs. by Johan Verstraeten & Frank Nolf.

Although shells of Solecurtus afroccidentalis are relatively large it has always been a rather difficult shell to obtain from West Africa. It was already known, but confused with Solecurtus strigilatus, by Adanson (1757), Dautzenberg (1910) and Nicklès (1950). Finally von Cosel (1989) described this species as new. This bivalve is thoroughly illustrated and compared with the similar S. strigilatus.

Key words: Solecurtus afroccidentalis, West Africa.

Additions to ‘The family Solecurtidae d’Orbigny, 1846 in European waters’, pp.13-20 + figs. by Frank Nolf & Johan Verstraeten.

The differences between the four representatives of the family Solecurtidae in Europe, commented and illustrated in Neptunea,1(1): 1-17, are confirmed by new finds. The distribution range of the different species is established in a more accurate way.

Key words: Solecurtidae, Europe.