Neptunea 1(4)

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The metamorphosis of ‘B.V.C.-Brugge’ into ‘B.V.C.-Kust’: a history of 25 years ploughing in West Flanders’ polders, pp.1-22 + figures by Frank Nolf.

In October 1972 a daughter section of the Belgian Society for Conchology was founded by Fernand Boone and Frank Nolf. As a consequence, members from West-Flanders got the opportunity to attend meetings in their familiar region. Monthly, lectures are given and members have the possibility to exchange or buy shells. The younger ones are schooled and the older members have the opportunity to go deeply into the books and magazines offered.
Field trips or visits to a shell collector or a museum are organized. In the past thirty years the club has changed twice of location, but since 1994 the Section Coast has taken residence at De Haan (community centre “ ‘t Schelpestik”). The present activities are particularly concentrated on the study of specific species or groups resulting in papers issued in the magazine ‘Neptunea’.
In this edition a survey of eight years of activities (1994-2001) is also offered.

Key words: B.V.C.-Brugge, B.V.C.-Kust, Fernand Boone, Frank Nolf.