Neptunea 13(1)

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NP13-1-coverImportant editorial note, pp. 1-2,  fig. 1, by Frank Nolf.

In memory of Jean-Paul Kreps, pp. 3-4, fig. 1, by Frank Nolf.

Distorsio globosa (Mollusca; Gastropoda: Personidae) a new species from West Africa, pp. 5-30, pls I-XX, figs 1-2, by Frank Nolf.

After thirty years of thorough investigation on the identity of all Distorsio species – especially along the West African coasts – we came across specimens from Angola which were similar to Distorsio perdistorta Fulton, 1938, but which differed by the brown colouration of the parietal shield, the external globular outline, the extreme distortion of the whorls and the smaller number of axial plicae. The presence of this new species was already perceived by other authors (Kronenberg, 1999) and Alan Beu (pers. communication). However, both authorities in this matter were very cautious and emphasised that examination of more material would be necessary before concluding that an unknown Distorsio had escaped the look of earlier researchers. At present, more specimens from Guinea-Bissau have been studied confirming the differences with Distorsio perdistorta Fulton, 1938, a species with a nearly worldwide distribution, from which specimens could be gathered from Transkei (South Africa) and Guinea-Bissau.

Keywords: Distorsio globosa, Mollusca, Gastropoda, PERSONIDAE, new species, Angola, Guinea-Bissau.

A northern range extension for Anacithara maltzani (Knudsen, 1952) (Mollusca: Conoidea: Horaiclavidae), pp. 31-36, pls 1-4, by F. Nolf & F. Swinnen.

This paper reports a northern range extension for Anacithara maltzani (Knudsen, 1952) in Western Saharan waters. This species lives there together with Anacithara biscoitoi Nolf & Swinnen, 2011. It is known to occur along the entire West African coast from the waters off Western Sahara to very south in Angola.

Keywords: Mollusca, Gastropoda, HORAICLAVIDAE, Anacithara maltzani, The Western Sahara, West Africa.