Neptunea 12(4)

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Critical analysis and additional information about the identity and distribution of the genus Callumbonella (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Trochoidea) in the East Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, pp. 1-11, pls I-XXV, by F. Nolf & J. Verstraeten.

The present state of the genus Callumbonella is discussed. At present three species in this genus are known in literature: Callumbonella suturale (Philippi, 1836) from the Mediterranean Sea and NW Africa, C. gorgonarum (P. Fischer, 1883) so far only known from the Cape Verde Islands but regarded as a synonym of C. suturale by CLEMAM and finally C. namibiensis (Rolán in Rolán et al., 2009) from Namibia. After studying about 450 specimens dredged off the coasts of the Bay of Biscay, the Alboran Sea and the West African coasts from Morocco to Namibia, the authors want to show the morphological variability of only one species, namely C. suturale. The conclusion is that C. gorgonarum is merely a form and that C. namibiensis becomes a junior synonym of C. suturale.

Keywords:Callumbonella, Trochoidea, geographic distribution.