Neptunea 11(3)

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NP-11-3-frontOn an important collection of seashells from the Shetland Islands: part I, pp. 1-30, pls. I-XXII, by Frank Nolf & Quinten Vandenberge.

Several Belgian shell collectors visited the Shetland Islands at the end of the last century. A lot of interesting deeper-water shells was obtained from scallop trawlers operating off Mainland in the Shetland Islands. A few shells were dived at Basta Voe (Island of Yell). A listing of the species is given and all of them are illustrated. Part I of this paper deals with the SCAPHOPODA, the GASTROPODA and a lot of BIVALVIA.

Keywords: Shetland Islands, marine MOLLUSCA, scallop trawling.