Annual report 2013

It was again a fruitful year with many activities at the meetings, a lot of interesting papers in ‘Neptunea’ and especially the transition to a professional version of the magazine. The meetings were mainly devoted to the discussion and identification of marine molluscs, reports and results of excursions or trips as well as the updating of the collections.

Due to the website and the growing publicity made about our club a lot of new members joined us … even from Germany. Some youth members were also active in photographing shells for articles, but the highlight was achieved by Xanten Vandenberge with his engaging speech by means of a  PowerPoint presentation, for which even our German guest had a lot of admiration.

A large variety of shells belonging to all families were available and especially a lot of rare European species were offered every month. There was always a lot of enthusiasm for new acquisitions.

List of activities in 2013

– 27 January:

* Statutory meeting with reading of the annual report.

* Explanation about the article by Price et al on PHILINIDAE through a series of specimens (F. Nolf).

* Identification of micromolluscs from the Stern Island in the harbour of Zeebrugge, Belgium  (Erik Van Loo).

* Start of the new year with snacks and champagne (Mrs Nolf).

– 24 February:

* Report of trips to Texas (USA), La Rochelle and Ile de Ré (W France) through a PowerPoint presentation (Steve Hubrecht).

* Demonstration of the removal of unnecessary lime deposition on shells by Paul Verstraete;

* The finishing of the article about the Stern Island (E. Van Loo).

* A first look at the changes in the systematics of the molluscs and the organization of our collections (F. Nolf).

* A brief explanation of coefficients and heights in tide tables (F. Nolf).

– 24 March:

* The visit of a German collector (Jürgen Kahl): English became the official language at the meeting (with thanks to Steve Hubrecht for leading the conversations).

* Lecture with PowerPoint presentation on “Shells” by Xanten Vandenberge (13 years).

* Report on the mollusc populations in the biotope of the mangroves in Singapore (Steve Hubrecht).

* Some interesting shells obtained at the Shell Show in Paris (Johan Verstraeten).

* The discussion on the difference between Aequipecten opercularis and A. opercularis var. audouini in the Mediterranean Sea by means of a small collection (Arne Ghys, F. Nolf and Johan Verstraeten).

– 21 April:

* The second part of the lecture on deep-water species in the Strait of Mozambique (F. Nolf).

* Demonstration of the removal of lime deposition by means of a hand drill and embellishment of the specimens (F. Nolf).

* The presence of Tomella pfefferi and related species in West Africa (Johan Verstraeten, F. Nolf).

– 26 May:

* Report on the Shell Show at Hoboken: experiences, anecdotes and acquisitions.

* The genus Callumbonella (Trochidae) in the Eastern Atlantic: a review after examining several hundred of specimens loaned from the MNHN with impressive images, insights and conclusions (F. Nolf).

Cardium indicum: commentary on a paper in an old issue of Gloria Maris;

* Presentation of the new version of the magazine ‘Neptunea’.

* Presentation of a new species of Glycymeris from West Africa (F. Nolf).

– 16 June:

* Identification of unknown shells at the meetings: agreements to use first of all accurate reference labels, thereafter a preliminary identification with provisionally fixation of family and genus and recording the definitive species name after further study at the next meeting.

* Examination of some of the less common species (such as Sphenia binghami), by means of a stereomicroscope, and presentation of monstruosities (F. Nolf).

* New data in the study of Pseudamussium clavatum and Pseudamussium peslutrae (F. Nolf).

* A first step in examining Gibbula denizi as a new species.

* Critical questions in the description of the new species Semicassis doughtorni: is it merely a colour form of Semicassis bisulcata?

– 11 August:

* Presentation of a DVD on Ranella olearium (author: Roberto Ubaldi).

* The history of the J.-P. Kreps collection (F. Nolf).

* Slide show about shelling by French divers in Morocco.

* Digital photos from the past: collecting shells in Quibéron and Ile d’Oléron (W France) (F. Nolf).

– 1 September:

* Report of our annual visit to RBINS: comments and slide show.

* Wireless internet at the meetings: demonstration by using an iPad, a smartphone and a laptop.

* The study of Venus casina and its variability.

* Dissection of Scaphander lignarius from the ‘Kreps collection’: removal of the stomach plates and small molluscs.

* The genus Pusionella in West Africa: a first superficial introduction (F. Nolf).

* Report by Steve Hubrecht about his trip to Galicia and the Algarve in anticipation of a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation at a later date.

 – 6 October:

Glycymeris rafaelmesai, a new species in West Africa showed by digital photos (F. Nolf).

* Explanation of some taxonomic concepts: ‘equilateral’, ‘equivalve’, ‘front’, ‘back side’, ‘left side’, ‘right side’, ‘orthogyral’, ‘opisthogyral’, ‘top’, ‘beak’, the different kinds of microsculpture, … (F. Nolf).

* Presentation of Neptunea, 12(1).

* Photos of a trip to Wimereux: the search for Tellimya ferruginosa (F. Nolf).

– 24 November:

* Results of an excursion to the sand pumped on the beaches of Ostend (F. Nolf).

* The West African glycymerididae: an extensive discussion by means of a PowerPoint presentation (F. Nolf).

* Identification of unkown shells and hints to use in the arrangement of shells in a collection.

– 16 December:

* Following the previous month’s review: discussion of the European GLYCYMERIDIDAE through a new PowerPoint.

* Determination of European and West African Glycymeris specimens and practical use of the concepts (‘left and right valve’, ‘front and back’, ‘ligament’, ‘taxodont teeth’, ‘opisthogyral’, ‘orthogyral’, ‘prosodetic’, ‘amphidetic’, the different types of muscle scars, …

* The genus Genota  in West Africa: a review illustrated by specimens (collection Johan Verstraeten) supported by a paper of Ryall, Horro & Rolán in Iberus.

* Raffling of a package of shells from South Africa (thanks to Alain Ferrant for the gift).

* More news from worldwide shelling, among others some articles received from Ph. Bouchet (MNHN).