Activities 2019

Overview of the activities in 2019

 – 20 January:

* statutory meeting with reading of the annual report and the financial report (F. Nolf);

* attention for new Nassarius species from Angola (Steve Hubrecht and F. Nolf);

* the start of the Pleurotomariidae compendium on our website: all copies are presented in a series of four images;

* a presentation by Hendrik White of some related South African Cypraea species with an explanation of their habitat;

* New Year’s reception with sparkling wine and snacks to introduce the new working year (Mrs. Nolf).


– 10 February:

* presentation of a new ‘Neptunea’ issue about Modiolus gallicus;

* a discussion of new Conus species from Gambia compared to other species from Senegal (S. Hubrecht and J. Verstraeten);

* assessment of the images of the Pleurotomariidae family in the “gallery” on the <> website following the criticism of members at the previous meeting;

* tips for photographing shells;

* a comparison between our website and that of other associations (F. Nolf);

* identification of molluscs from India at the request of P.R. Jayachandran via digital photos.


– 17 March:

* looking back at the Shell Show in Paris;

* introduction to recently published books by Steve Hubrecht;

* “On the origin of species”: part 1 of a PowerPoint presentation about Darwin’s selection theory (F. Nolf);

* photographing shells: a demonstration by Arne Ghys of macro photography in layers with assessment of the results.


– 28 April:

* part 2 of the presentation about “On the origin of species” (F. Nolf);

* film about the life of Darwin;

* slide projection from the Diana Pierre store (exhibition in the Venetian galleries in Ostend);

* new issues of magazines and books (S. Hubrecht).


– 2 June:

* part 3 of the presentation about “On the origin of species” (F. Nolf);

* discussion about the conceptions “species” and “hybrid”;

* digital images of an expedition to the Mariana Islands with an ROV submarine: never before described Pleurotomaridae “online” (Patrick Anseeuw).


– 30 June:

* draw up of the calendar for the meetings in the second semester;

* part 4 of the presentation about “On the origin of species” (F. Nolf);

* digital images of new molluscs at Puerto Rico in “real time” (Patrick Anseeuw);

* short explanation about the Terebra-complex gruveli-brevicula and a comparison with Bullia terebraeformis (Yves Terryn).


– 18 August:

* revision of the Calliostomatidae (Steve Hubrecht): commentary on the PowerPoint presentation designed by Claude Vilvens;

* more information about the real Calliostoma lithocolletum (F. Nolf).


– 8 September:

* discussion about the correct name of some Marginella species from Dakhla (Western Sahara);

* a visit to the RBINS via a broadcast from the VRT (“Once upon a time”);

* presentation of the West African Aporrhais species followed by a discussion.


– 20 October:

* report of the trip to the Cape Verde Islands by Steve Hubrecht;

* startup of a PowerPoint presentation on DNA, taxonomy and phylogeny with support from Yves Terryn and Nicolas Puillandre.


– 17 November:

* work meeting: taking photos of Jaton species (West Africa), “Venus damasoi” (= V. verrucosa) and Euspira lemaitrei from the collection of Johan Verstraeten

+ literature study of the species involved.


– 16 December:

* planning of meetings in the first semester of 2020;

* an overview of questionable newly described West African species: PowerPoint presentation with dozens of photos (F. Nolf).