Belgian Society for Conchology
Section 'Coast'


Mioerycina coarctata (S.V. Woods, 1851 )

PHYLUM : Mollusca
CLASS : Bivalvia
ORDER : Veneroida
SUPERFAMILY : Leptonacea
FAMILY : Leptonidae
GENUS : Mioerycina
SPECIES : coarctata

Mioerycina coarctata

Mioerycina coarctata (S.V. Woods, 1851) associated with the spinculid Phascolion strombi (Montagu, 1804) in Aporrhais pespelecani (Linnaeus, 1758) var. bilobatus Locard, 1886

South of La Rochelle, Bay of Biscay, W. France
trawled by Belgian fishermen at 90-160 m depth